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  • Accounts payable in General Journal

    From the answer: "and as I said my open payables is zero while my General ledger shows a balance of $42000"   Certain reports are based on Transaction Type.

  • Receive Payment without Invoice

    From the answer: Sure.... If they have that many invoices that it doesn't match up.... Click on the Customer drop down and then Receive Payment.

  • How to record 1099 eligible payments included in a bulk General Journal starting balance entry?

    From the answer: Journal Entries are best avoided in QB when Names are part of the entry; you avoid them for AR, AP, for QB inventory, for QB sales, sales taxes, and QB Payroll.

  • Why QB Premier 2019 cannot display the Thai language? even though I have used windows 10 display for the Thai language. Every I type the result is just symbols.

    From the answer: Hi there, galihpambudi11.... Aside from changing Windows Regional Settings, you'll need to install Microsoft AppLocale or Locale Emulator to display the Thai language on your software.

  • can you renew subscription via ACH INSTEAD OF CREDIT CARD?

    From the answer: I'm glad you reached out to me today,  Ladybugs79 .... I want to make sure that there won't be any interruptions to your subscription, so I'd be happy to share the payment methods that we accept for renewals.

  • Equity closing account

    From the answer: wrote: QuickBooks has automatically closed income to an equity account, other than RE.... There is a RE equity account, but income was not closed to it.

  • How do I track inventory that is being bought in bulk, and sent to a job site as needed?

    From the answer: Let's review:   "We simply create a Purchase Order under the vendor's name, then create a bill from that PO, and then pay the bill.

  • Banking error not resolved until next statement

    From the answer: Hello there, M_Sylvia_CB.... You don't need to record any adjustment.... You'll have to record the transaction since it's posted on the bank statement.

  • Search Rules Desktop

    From the answer: Thank you for posting in the QuickBooks Community forum, BasicBooks.... At this time, QuickBooks doesn't have an option to edit the rules by batch.

  • customer / job name

    From the answer: For this: "It appears that there is always a default job associated with a customer."... I know this is how Amicus works.

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