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  • Troubleshooting Banking Issues

    From the article: This Article is designed to help resolve common issues found when importing Bank transactions to QuickBooks, whether you have connected your Bank account or you are simply importing the Bank Statement via File Upload.

  • is there any way to adjust sales & purchases template into Quickbooks online

    From the answer: At the current time, there is limited customization for the forms.... This is a highly requested feature.

  • How do I make a payment against a bill using an owner's draw account instead of a bank account?

    From the answer: . You will enter vendor bill as commonly known in QuickBooks world as Zero $ Bill entry.... See attached screenshot photo for reference.

  • Opening Balance "You must fill out at least one split line."

    From the answer: You can see what transactions were accepted through the bank connection by going to Transactions > Banking.

  • Automatically attach files to sales form emails

    From the answer: Hi DMCounter!... We can create what's called a Recurring Transaction which will have the PDF attachment of legal documents to be signed (they will be the same document for every Invoice).

  • adding categories to expenses

    From the answer: if you mean the category listing when you create an account, you can not just pick one and change the name upper right, the categories are just a short cut to naming the account

  • Why are the Debits and Credits not showing up on my Transaction Detail by Account report?

    From the answer: Hello Paige, Debit and Credit columns do not show by default on the Transaction Detail by Account report, but I can definitely tell you how to customize the report to show this information: 1) When you run the Transaction Detail by Account report, si

  • How do I delete a GST/HST report?

    From the answer: Hi, Brenda.... Unfortunately, you can't delete or change a GST/HST return in QBO.... What I would suggest is first reversing the journal entry QuickBooks created when you prepared the return.

  • How do I record a refund to a customer?

    From the answer: You may give a refund or a credit to a customer by: clicking the customer tab The more drop down, then select Refund or Credit Select Refund fro the first question: "Are you giving a refund or credit?"

  • how do i add "memo/description" column to my weekly timesheets? It disappeared when I did the update.

    From the answer: Hi ablack!... The Memo/Description field hasn't been lost (it's just kind of hidden).... You have to scroll all the way over on the Time Sheet to enter the description- see pic 1 Please let me know if that helps, and thank you for being a QuickBooks Online C

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