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  • Update your payment information with Apple Billing

    From the article: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.... ​Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID.

  • No Taxes Calculated on Payroll

    From the answer: Good Day Sk932kka93r!!!... The reason why payroll taxes are not calculating on your newly restored company file because quickbooks will not recognize the payroll module and it's functionality even you haved the right service key because he needs to be re

  • How do I deduct hours from a salaried employee and have it show on the paystub?

    From the answer: First, I recommend using the Vacation function, not the Sick function, for PTO.... Second, your new allocation item needs to be Vacation Salary type item because you want it to do two things for you: Allocate total salary across all wage items Reduce the

  • How do I keep my employee payroll from withholding taxes?

    From the answer: In addition to what glick mentioned above, the IRS and state governments are really cracking down on companies who misclassify employees as independent contractors.

  • 401K catch up contributions

    From the answer: Then you have two contribution items, each with their specific % rate and each with their own limit.... Calculate the % allocations.

  • W-2, Box 12a, DD - Healthcare costs - 2013

    From the answer: The set up instructions are a little confusing.... You need to set up a "Company contribution" payroll item for the full amount of the insurance premium, not just the Company portion as the term "Company contribution" would suggest.

  • How pay one employee in two class in one paycheck? I use Class.

    From the answer: You can assign more than one class per paycheck, but there is a preference that you need to turn on first.

  • Can I print year to date totals for wages and withholding on pay checks stubs

    From the answer: You see it in the Paycheck Details view, not on the face of the check.... Send your client Paystubs: from File menu > Print Forms, Paystubs.

  • I need to pay additional FUTA tax; How come there isn't a payroll tax item in QuickBooks?

    From the answer: Employees-->Payroll Taxes & Liabilities-->Adjust Payroll Liabilities Adjustment date = 12/31/13 Adjustment for = Company Item Name = FUTA (or whatever your label is) Memo = Futa Credit Reduction Once this is entered, you can go to Employees-->Payroll

  • How far in advance can I process payroll?

    From the answer: Hi libbyelliott!... For paychecks or direct deposit checks, you can send payroll 45 days in advance from the paycheck date or if it is a backdated check, after 7 days from the paycheck date.

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