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  • Undeposited funds balance in bank deposits does not match chart of accounts after importing from QuickBooks Desktop

    From the article: Undeposited funds can show a different balance in bank deposits than whats displayed in the Chart of Accounts.

  • Check for duplicate transactions

    From the article: QuickBooks experienced a delay downloading your bank transactions between 23 March to 17 April.... All transactions are now up to date in your QuickBooks company.

  • How do I record the withholding tax in QuickBooks Online?

    From the article: To record the withholding tax reduction in the invoice amount payable, you can create a credit note with an item that is mapped to a Tax Expense account.

  • Change Election to Apply Refund / Overpayment to Future Estimated Tax

    From the article: Can the application of refund to the next year's estimated tax be changed?... Solution Description Per (Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 2017 Individual Form 1040 instructions, page 74:           This election to apply part or all of the amount overpaid to

  • Upgrading QuickBooks Online in Salesforce

  • How do you save and print journal entries?

    From the answer: Hi there laavanya,  When you create a journal entry it will save it automatically.... Are you looking to print a report with a list of the journal entries?


    From the answer: Not at this time, but the box should be able to handle a standard business address without a problem.

  • Difference between "Accepting" an estimate and "Copying to New Invoice" ??

    From the answer: If you think you will use the same estimate a number of times you should add it to your Memorized Transactions list.

  • how do I delete a payroll

    From the answer: zinniawellness,  We all have to delete things sometimes.... You can delete a paycheck by going to the employee screen, choosing the employee name, view the paycheck list, select the paycheck you would like to delete and select the delete button.

  • payroll setup with QB Online (trial)

    From the answer: Here is a screenshot of the help topic and my dashboard

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