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  • Intuit Accounts self help options

    From the article: If you wish to view/update any of your personal info connected to your Intuit accounts, such as name, user ID, email address, password and phone number, the most efficient and secure way to do this is by logging directly into you Intuit account.

  • how do i change my vat number

    From the answer: Hi jinks4455!... Great question!... Click on VAT on the left then Rates and Settings.... Click on VAT Settings where you can change your account number and/or filing frequency.

  • How to charge a credit card?

    From the answer: HI Madbeats12,  Good question!... When your customer sends you their credit card information, you can receive payment (plus sign and receive payment), enter your customer's name, and select the payment type (visa, m/c, amex) and right below the payment m

  • Where is the personal calendar in the quickbooks online version 2014? please and thank you.

    From the answer: do you mean the time sheet entries if so click the plus sign top center and the time sheet is there Other than that I can not find a calendar in the new QBO

  • Income Account per invoice line

    From the answer: Income accounts are assigned at the item level, your other option is class tracking, then each line item can be assigned a class.

  • How do I enter a refund to a customer?

    From the answer: Hi gailbill1995!... From the + symbol, select Refund Receipt.... Fill out the appropriate fields such as customer name and what account the refund is coming out of then click Save.

  • how do i make an adjusting journal entry

    From the answer: Hi jvarecha!... To make a journal entry - Click the "+" icon and click journal entry.... QuickBooks Online will require a debit and credit - so you'll be able to enter that in your journal entry.

  • how do I delete multiple transactions

    From the answer: You can batch delete, but only excluded transactions.... First, head to Transactions->Banking.... Select the account card that contains the transactions you want to delete.

  • how do i change currency by default

    From the answer: I am showing that you are running the standard QuickBooks Online Essentials and this version has no mult-icurrency capability.

  • can i add a surcharge to an invoice

    From the answer: @ drmitry there is no item type in QBO that will do any kind of % calculation, you have to calculate the amount and enter it

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