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  • Check for duplicate transactions

    From the article: QuickBooks experienced a delay downloading your bank transactions between 23 March to 17 April.... All transactions are now up to date in your QuickBooks company.

  • how do i create shortcut on the desktop for quickbooks online

    From the answer: Hi crookedfence If you highlight the URL in your browser window and drag it to the desktop - it will create a shortcut.

  • how do i download the past year of bank transactions

    From the answer: Many banks only offer 3 months of data to download.... However, check with your bank.... One of my banks offers 12 months for $6.95 or 24 months for $9.95.

  • Visual Reporting: Where Are All The Charts & Graphs

    From the answer: Hi 1957Goltop,  Have you checked out our Company Snapshot?... It should be listed in your reports?... Take a look at mine... Reyna

  • How to convert currency?

    From the answer: Hey there, alessia.kuster!... Wow, Italy!... You're very lucky, I wish I could work in both Italy and the US.

  • how to reconcile bank statement

    From the answer: Hi hhhcpa,  Reconciling your accounts helps you to compare the transactions recorded in QuickBooks Online (QBO) against the transactions processed through your bank.

  • importing from online version

    From the answer: Yes, you can convert your Online data to the Desktop version.... Several people on the forum have had trouble accomplishing it so it may take several attempts.

  • how to change the country please

    From the answer: After you set it up, you can change the language (upper, right corner) as needed.

  • my accounts wont download.they just say updating

    From the answer: Hi there, aplussmog!... I'm so sorry you're having a hard time getting your bank transactions downloaded.

  • Refund from a vendor

    From the answer: GO to "+" sign (top middle) Select "Credit Card Credit" under Vendors heading Select same account number (or item number) previously entered as expense Hope this helps!

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