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  • Why do my products on quotes/estimates now say "activity" instead of item?!

    From the answer: Hello there, .... You can simply customize the estimate template to show Item instead of Activity.... I can help guide you on how.

  • Error 108 when updating bank accounts

    From the answer: Hi, .... I got the steps to help fix the error you're getting when trying to update your bank accounts in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • Does Quickbooks Online supports oauth2.0 ?If yes, then which is the grant type? Is it a headless mechanism (means no user interaction betweeen)??

    From the answer: Hi there, cleoconnector3.... I'd suggest posting to our Intuit Developer Forum .... They can definitely answer all your concerns about OAuth 2.0.

  • Where is the "save" button???

    From the answer: Hi there, treasurer45.... Welcome to the Community.... I'd be glad to show you where the Save button is.... When entering new items in QuickBooks Online, such as invoices, expenses, sales receipts, etc., the Save button is typically located in the bottom right c

  • How to pay bonuses

    From the answer: Hey there, ro122264.... Thanks for reaching out here in the Community for support.... I'd be glad to show you how to pay bonuses.

  • Is there a way to enter a PO without being a billable user?

    From the answer: hi   , It seems your order system is not integrating to your current QBO account.... You have two options.

  • Can you change an invoice date after the reconciliation has been done

    From the answer: Yes, you can, ts103156.... Changing the invoice date after reconciling doesn't affect the account.... The payment is the one reconciled, not the invoice.

  • My + and gear modules keep disappearing from my screen any advice?

    From the answer: We can perform troubleshooting steps, kcb50.... It'll result in some errors once the browser saves too much cache.

  • my account has been put on hold not sure why

    From the answer: Hello there,  tsbryce ,  It could be the subscription payment didn’t go through, which is why your account is on hold.

  • Billable Expenses and Billable Time

    From the answer: What my client is looking for is to be able to total all of the billable pieces into a summary bill.... ie   billable hours (group all of the hours for the month) and bill the marked up total as  Labor for the month of XXX   $0.00

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