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  • How do I remove lines in the body of the invoice (description and amount areas). It looks like a check register.

    From the answer: There was a glitch in a QB's update.... The option for shaded lines is only supposed to be available in Enterprise!

  • Desktop product activation date and expire date.

    From the answer: The software doesn't expire, the support for it does (see article below).... If you purchased QB 2017, support should be discontinued May 31, 2020.

  • Can you remove a credit from customer statement?

    From the answer: Hello  kristiemilan , Let's work together to remove the credit on the customer's statement.... QuickBooks Desktop gives us the flexibility to manage our transactions.

  • How to add backorder on sales order orint form?

    From the answer: Look at your Title Bar; did you really install this as Wholesales & Manufacturing, or as Plain Premier?

  • How to categorize Non-Inventory office and work equipment in the Item List that may be sold after replacing?

    From the answer: first thing is that non-inventory is a misleading name, it is really an expense item.... It does not hold qty or value, so when you use one in a purchase the amount is sent to the expense account on the non inventory item screen immediately Answering you

  • How to get my 3 seats of Quickbooks Pro Desktop functioning on a network properly?

    From the answer: I found this on the article on your error: For Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 users Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 requires that programs be authenticated every time the system boots up.

  • Move licenses to new machines

    From the answer: Hello,  yoder.161 .... That's a good question.... All you have to do is  install QuickBooks  on the new computer and enter the registration and product numbers.

  • Do I really need to purchase an additional license because I have 3 computers?

    From the answer: No, if you're the only user it is OK to install QB on your different machines.

  • How do I apply a credit to an invoice?

    From the answer: Receive payments, leave payment amount at 0.00, from the bottom right of the payment window apply the credit.

  • How can I correct a prior reconciliation without redoing it?

    From the answer: In general.  it not a good idea to mark or edit reconcilating items in the QB register.... Those are best done in the bank reconcilation program.

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