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  • Colorado Payroll Tax Compliance

    From the article: Use this information to ensure compliance with state payroll tax regulations.... Find details on tax forms, withholdings, unemployment and other tax, e-file and pay information, general state and agency information, and employer registration.

  • Check payee field prints address field

    From the answer: Hi there  FritzFC ,   The printing feature of QuickBooks follows the vendor's name entered in the Company Name field during initial set up.

  • Contractor Account - Products not Labor

    From the answer: Thank you for reaching out in the Community, .... I'm glad you asked about filing your 1099's in QuickBooks.

  • Item Cost

    From the answer: Hello there,  SCAV .... Let's make sure to check the Warn when editing transaction box in the  Preferences window to see a prompt message when editing transactions.

  • What does QB charge me for online payments via cards and What does QB charge me for online payments via bank transfer?

    From the answer: or any supercession of those rates.

  • Matching 1 bank payment to multiple vendors

    From the answer: It's actually easy & I figured it out: - Click on the ACH item in Banking Review - Click the Find other records button - Tic the payments that are included in the single ACH When you press Save, QBO creates an entry in the register for each payment,

  • How can we get quickbooks to stop truncating sales taxes at two decimal places, and round to four decimal places?

    From the answer: QuickBooks has two decimal by default, larry-kaylor.... The option to change this to four decimal places is currently unavailable.

  • Can someone help me here! My payday is today but none of my employees have seen any payment come thru their bank accounts. What could be the problem?

    From the answer: Hi ted5,   As long as you submitted payroll through direct deposit before 5 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time), it will process accordingly.

  • Recording fixed asset in the middle of its life

    From the answer: Is the net book value in your example $40k not on their balance sheet in Quickbooks?... If not then you should post some journals to get Quickbooks to agree to the opening balances.

  • Print Multi-lined memo on a Check

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Intuit Community, .... I've got some steps to help get the memo printing properly on your check.

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