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  • Deleting a paycheck after 941 was paid - QB Desktop

    From the answer: Hello sarahkab405,   I appreciate you for taking the time to respond with additional clarification concerning the tax overpayment.

  • Issues setting up direct deposit

    From the answer: Hi tcba2016,   When you set up Direct Deposit, we make 2 small withdrawals of less than $1.00.... These amounts are used to verify that you are the authorized user, and the account is ready for authorized payroll transactions and fees.

  • W-2s

    From the answer: Yes, you'll have the option to print it, Deb FJ Remey.... When filing your W-2's, QuickBooks will automatically save them as PDF files.

  • payroll tax table 21916 does not match "latest is 21913"

    From the answer: I appreciate you for checking your employee setup and payroll item list, .... I want you to know that the payroll update 21916 was just released today, September 19, 2019.

  • Payroll taxes

    From the answer: Hello there, David1973.... I have some few steps to resolve this.... First, let's make sure that you're using the  latest release of QuickBooks Desktop .

  • I need to resubmit my federal 941 tax payment for e-file as it was rejected. How do I do this?

    From the answer: Let me walk you through how to e-pay and e-file your 941 payroll liability, becky26.... When resubmitting the payment and forms electronically, you’ll just have to go back to the same process where you normally pay and file them.

  • Payroll updates

    From the answer: I can help you get payroll updates, .... You can download the latest tax table by following these simple steps:   Go to the Employees menu and select Get Payroll Updates .

  • Payroll is not working at all I'm an employee and its doesn't let me see any check stubs

    From the answer: Hi briana1w,   We recently had an issue with Workforce where employees were not able to see their pay stubs.

  • How do I terminate an emplyee

    From the answer: You've come to the right place, .... I'd be glad to help set your employee's status to terminated.... First, you'll need to pay the employee with a final check.

  • Payroll Cloud Service Missing Information

    From the answer: Hello there, .... In cases like this, we'll need to verify if the employee's information has been updated successfully.

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