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  • Equipment Purchases as an asset?

    From the answer: Hello DrDick,   When you create the expense transactions, you'll need to make sure they affect the asset accounts (Fixed Assets, Other Current Assets, etc.).

  • How do I get my estimates to forward to my google drive on my apple i tablet

    From the answer: Hi there, Papa Chris .... The option to import estimates into your Apple tablet's Google Drive is unavailable.

  • Removing EIN# under my payroll subscription

    From the answer: We can open the .XML file through your Microsoft Excel, Luke.... Let me show you how to do it: Click the File menu at the top and select Open .

  • How to change Estimate number? I had Desktop Prop Plus 2019 and I switched to Quickbooks Online but for some reason didnt continue with the next number on the estimates.?

    From the answer: Welcome to the QuickBooks Online family, mcsinc2015.... Some information will not be converted when transferring from QuickBooks Desktop to the online version and estimate numbers is one of them.

  • How to fix blue spinning circle

    From the answer: hi @ groundhogsteve , We have met many technical issue at our clients in Indonesia and Asia regarding QuickBooks on Windows 7 for the last 2 years.

  • I did not back up my 2016 before installing 2019. is it lost completely??

    From the answer: hi @ robyn 57 , Can you still run your QuickBooks 2016 and open your file?... If you could, press f2 to get a popup of product information and notice your file location.

  • Purchasing checks from intuit

    From the answer: Office Supplies.... Unless you are using QBSE then it is Other.... QBSE is only version where you cannot add accounts or even edit their names.

  • I received a payment but I can't find an invoice for it.

    From the answer: Good job with reviewing your Merchant Services account to find more details, Service.... There are three possible reasons why you can't find a transaction to match the downloaded ones.

  • Refund Receipt

    I keep getting an error message when trying to process credit cards in the refund receipts. I have updated...

  • Add comment to chck stub

    On the one-up check I would like to add a comment like "Thanks for your support" or "This check covers...

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