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  • Triggers for Item Receipt on PO

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us, ,   Right now, QuickBooks doesn't have a feature where you'll get notified when all items are ready to be built into an assembly.

  • Resize the Make Deposits window?

    From the answer: Sending good vibes to you,  ekileen .... I appreciate you checking in with us.... Let me help you with resizing the make deposit window in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Indiana local tax

    From the answer: Hi Limestone,   Please check the local tax setup of the affected employee to see if it has a duplicate tax name.

  • I can not find the sales tax liability report

    From the answer: Let's make sure that you turned on your sales tax, TammyM12.... The Sales tax liability report and other related reports won't appear if the sales tax option was turned off.

  • Partial Payment of Bill not recording correctly for P&L statement

    From the answer: Hi FMJS,   I've replicated the scenario and found out that only $50 will show up in the March P&L report if the $150 bill was un-selected in the 3/15 bill payment.

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