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  • manual paycheck

    From the answer: Hi 3268!... I'll be happy to walk you through creating paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.... From the  Employees menu, select Pay Employees .

  • Record Repairs/Maintenance on Company Trucks

    From the answer: One way is to use Class Tracking and to assign each truck as a Class - you can even group them all as sub-classes of a parent class.

  • Uninstalling 2015 after 2019 Installation

    From the answer: Congratulations on your successful upgrade, Ron.... Yes, you can safely uninstall the 2015 version since you've already converted it into the new 2019 format.

  • How do I account for this transaction?

    From the answer: You can make this very complicated or very easy depending on the route you want to go.... If you receive the payment ahead of delivery of the order, then technically it is a liability to customer deposits.

  • Can I add a field that is on a customers Invoice to the Statement for that customer?

    From the answer: Hello there,  langka6 ,  Once a custom field is added in your transactions form (invoice), you need to enter the information in the custom field so it will appear on the printed/sent invoices.

  • Warning: Transactions to Accounts payable must include a Vendor

    From the answer: Hi mindyjolyons, These messages appear when the Account Payable account is chosen on a transaction but the name associated with that account is not a customer or vendor name.

  • Chart of account for event planning business

    From the answer: the chart of accounts track expenses, income, assets and liabilities get the tax form the business fills out and structure your COA to match, use sub accounts of those to record detail where you think you need it items in the item list are what you d

  • My quick shot checking balance does not match the register balance. Q.B. for Mac.

    From the answer: Could be file damage.... With your chart of accounts open select edit>resort list.... If that doesn't do it run file>utilities>verify data and rebuild data.

  • Print a report of invoices by invoice number or date made

    From the answer: You can do this by running a report in Quickbooks for MAC  Report > Custom transaction detail report We need this report to show invoices, so click on filters and match the settings as follows Account: All account receivables Posting type: Posting Tr

  • How do I track sales tax paid to a vendor to deduct from taxes paid to government?

    From the answer: The IRS says any amount paid to get an item, including sales tax, shipping, etc or to make it ready for sale is part of item cost - so as far as the IRS is concerned it should be added to item cost and received at a price that includes all costs Stat

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