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  • How do I print an invoice with credit showing?

    From the answer: I can help you adjust the overlapping credit field, blujay22,   When you edit your template, you can click on Layout Designer .

  • Just created a company file and it's no where to be found

    From the answer: hi   , You could press f2 in QuickBooks and a product information window will pop up.... You could find your file location at "File Information".

  • uploading online back up of company file

    From the answer: Hey there, Sebastian22.... The following are the steps to restore a backup file from the online backup: Click File at the top.

  • Planning on S-Corp Election - Set up QB for S-Corp or LLC?

    From the answer: Sounds like you are not presently using QB A SMLLC that files as an s-corp, should have its CoA set up for the corporate structure.

  • change the type of an item.

    From the answer: hi @ Catterfield, You could change your industry setting from menu Help > Manage My License > Change to a Different Edition.

  • Is it a must to add product/service

    From the answer: Hi Alicia 5699,    It's a must to add them as a new product or service since these items are the basis of your inventory tracking.

  • Can you set up a default customer message for invoices?

    From the answer: Hello, Alicia 5699.... Setting up different remarks for each customers is unavailable in QuickBooks Online.

  • Is it possible to do delivery note first before invoice?

    From the answer: Hello, Alicia 5699.... Delivery notes can only be generated once there are invoices or sales receipts created in QuickBooks.

  • Exporting invoices as Excel/CSV files

    From the answer: UK has different taxes (VAT, etc) and I don't know if it can represent the invoices accurately that were made in the US (which QuickBooks Mac assumes).

  • Monthly invoicing for 5 week months

    From the answer: Which version of QBO are you using?... You might be able to use the recurring delayed charges for the weeks and then recurring invoices for the months.

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