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  • Managing donated funds

    Our Youth Ministry has a budget of $5,000.  A church member donated $4,000 additional dollars to the Youth...

  • QuickBooks 2020 Beta testing opportunity

    Beta Opportunities We currently have opportunities for QuickBooks Enterprise in both the US and Canada  ...

  • Quagmire of old AR accounts

    I am working with a small business that has been doing their own books for some years. Since 2013 the AR...

  • Inventory costing

    QB Enterprise uses average costing for inventory.  Can that be changed?

  • Inviting employees to Workforce through Payroll cloud-email change

    Here's what happened. I was finally able to get to the point of Inviting employees to the new paystub site...

  • Scanning documents

    I am using QB Enterprise 2019. I use the document scanning feature. I attach copies of checks (customer) to...

  • Closing the books quarterly

    In QuickBooks is there a way to prohibit posting to a prior quarter?  If I change the closing date in...

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