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  • Is there a way that a client can view all of the invoices I sent to him?

    From the answer: A warm welcome to the Community,  ATOZOOK .... I'd be happy to help you give access to your client to view his accounts receivable via QuickBooks Online.

  • Aging Report

    From the answer: Thanks for the quick response,  nessllc1 .... Let me take over and help you organize your customers in alphabetical order on your A/R Aging Summary report via QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Hierarchical View for Chart of Accounts

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to QuickBooks Community, .... The Flat and Hierarchical View options are available from the Account drop-down at the bottom of the Chart of Accounts.

  • Logs trips I have not taken ?

    From the answer: Let me help you resolve the error you've encountered with auto-mileage tracking,  mclelandjd1 .... The app should only track the trips that you've taken using the auto-tracking feature.

  • Correct accounting for sale of a fixed asset

    From the answer: Create an income account called gain/loss on asset sales.... Calculate and post partial year depreciation.

  • How can we set up our 401K payroll deductions to accept a high percentage contribution?

    From the answer: Hello there,  marylu.cianciolo... , If you haven't set up an item for 401K, you can create one without specifying the percentage.

  • Email Address

    From the answer: Hey ,   Currently, you’re only able to manually enter the email address of your customer when sending your memorized transactions.

  • Automatically end sale price on a specific date

    From the answer: Yes, there's a way to automatically end the sales price on a specific date, gcampbel0 .... You can set up the sales or discounted price in the Price Manager page.

  • how do you delete a memorized report in QB POS. We have several x reports memorized for employees no longer here

    From the answer: Pleased to see you here in the Community,  campingrv .... Let’s go to the Manage My Reports window so you can delete the memorized reports.

  • How to setup 'Custom price'?

    From the answer: POS Supports Price Levels, not per customer pricing.... So if Price Level 2 has PriceA (the discount) for the item you have in mind and a customer is set to that price level it will sell it to them at that discounted price.

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