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  • Downloadking bank transactions

    From the answer: Hi, .... Allow me to help share some information about the rejection issue you're getting when trying to download your transactions.

  • Entering employee's paycheques

    From the answer: Hi, .... I'm here to help share some information about entering your employee's paycheck in QuickBooks Online.

  • another user has made changes to the selected transaction

    From the answer: Hi there, Probably NotHappy.... I appreciate you for providing the exact error message and the time span this error has occurred.

  • Sick Times doesn't Accrue for some employees after changing Accrual Limit to "Maximum Hours for the Year"

    From the answer: Hello, .... Let me help provide some information about the accrual change of your Sick Time for some of your employees.

  • Quickbooks 2013 error, OLSU-1024

    From the answer: hi @ yocobra , How about this solution?... No positive result?...

  • Trying to erase old bank account expenses

    From the answer: We delete the expenses transactions through the bank account register, Carlos.... Here's how: Click Accounting on the left menu and select Chart of Accounts .

  • How do I take an expense and apply it to a customer? This would be the only way to see a net profit report

    From the answer: You can make the expense transaction billable to the customer, marissanldnr.... To do this, you'd have to activate the billable feature in your company settings first.

  • Remarks column

    From the answer: I'll show you different areas on the invoice that don't have character limits, Alicia 5699.... If you're using a custom field to enter your remarks, only 31 characters are allowed.

  • Contractor Account - Products not Labor

    From the answer: Thank you for reaching out in the Community, .... I'm glad you asked about filing your 1099's in QuickBooks.

  • Item Cost

    From the answer: Hello there,  SCAV .... Let's make sure to check the Warn when editing transaction box in the  Preferences window to see a prompt message when editing transactions.

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