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  • Calculate 30% down

    From the answer: Hello ChefAlsGal!... Yes, this can be achieved through progress invoicing.... You'll want to create an estimate for 100% of the job.

  • Matching bank transactions

    From the answer: I'll share your suggestion with our product development team, IG4.... Yes, matching a bank transaction to multiple QuickBooks transactions was recently launched in QuickBooks Online.

  • Journal entry created in the register is not reflected in GL Transaction detail balance. Other journal entries do.

    From the answer: Hello there, .... All created journal entries should show up on the General Ledger report.... Let's go ahead and check on your JE's set up to get this issue sorted out.

  • Scheduled Payroll dates not updating

    From the answer: This happens when, at the end of paying employees, the option to advance the schedule is not checked.

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