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  • Setting up a DBA under existing S-Corp

    From the answer: wrote: I own a pet salon and use QB desktop.... My husband is just starting out as an independent barber and I wanted to set him up in my QB as a dba.

  • I received email but I don't know how to respond. My issue was a new client was attached to another client file when I set it up. I was told to click Sales from the left menu. There is no "sales" in the left menu bar.

    From the answer: Allow me to join in this thread,  SB55 .... I appreciate you for elaborating the situation.... The detailed information you've provided can help me look for a resolution.

  • Sales Tax Liability report

    From the answer: All items are tagged as taxable on the invoice.... In fact on the Sales Tax Liability report, this invoice is correctly included along with other invoices in the Total Sales & Taxable Sales.

  • Issuing refund check for multiple credit memos?

    From the answer: No, your steps won't do it.... They will leave open credit memos and an unapplied refund check.... This will cause issues for AR reports and any cash basis reports including financial statements including the P&L and Balance Sheet.

  • Backup Withholding

    From the answer: Hi, Allied3 .... I already updated my post above with the complete details, please check.

  • Bank reconciliation

    From the answer: Hi there, Susan123.... It's nice to have you in the Community.... I'll be happy to help share a few insights to find out what's causing the difference between your reconciliation report and register balance, and get this straightened out.

  • Is there a way to set up a Buying Group?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I want to provide some details on how you can create a vendor lists hat has multiple sub-vendors.

  • Customer Credit Limit as Cumulative Jobs Credit Limit?

    From the answer: Hello there,  AmithS .... QuickBooks uses the 100 in total across all jobs for the credit limit warning.... I've provided a screenshot below:      Please get back to me if you have  other concerns.

  • Purchase Order Template

    From the answer: Hi there, !... With QuickBooks Desktop, there isn't a warning message if the amounts of your purchase order don't match with your bill.

  • How can I delete a Class that is not used? (Quickbooks Desktop for Mac)

    From the answer: Hey there, .... Let's pull up some report to make sure that your classes aren't assigned to anything.... There are multiple places where you can assign classes.

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