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  • Adding a fixed asset

    From the answer: How was the fixed asset paid for (cash or loan)?

  • How to enter VAT from Imported goods

    From the answer: You will need to enter the invoices with vat code of O and then when you get the clearing agents invoice for vat paid on import enter a vat only invoice for the vat.

  • How do I calcuale payroll taxes on an owners draw in QBP 2014?

    From the answer: You can calculate it from your P&L reports however you cannot expense it.

  • invoicing for reimbursable items - Income vs. Expense

    From the answer: I would set it up like Rustler said under drop shipping.... Right now, you are using another feature which you record the purchase and mark it as billable to the customer, then you pass those costs to the invoice.

  • Fidelity Investments - Download to Quickbooks

    From the answer: That depends on the options from the bank.... In QB your file imports are limited to .qbo and .iif

  • How can I combine 10 checks for 1 vendor?

    From the answer: As Country music mom stated, you probably went to pay bills and paid each one individually.... You will need to void those checks and then go to the vendors, pay bills and select all ten of the bills you wish to pay and only one check will be created.

  • dbextclr11.exe creates huge file QBSearchIndexerError.txt

    From the answer: Resolved this yesterday with Quickbooks Expert who also never heard of the issue, follow below.... 1. Open the QBSearchIndexerError.txt, if you can't open it because its too large, delete it, it will recreate.

  • How to track purchases made with gift cards received from vendors as purchase incentives?

    From the answer: Debit GC Account, Credit Income (e.g.... GC Income) or Equity Account (GC Equity) ( this depends on the offsetting account you would like to use) no, it is income to the business income is never posted to equity during the year @riki I did find one note

  • Employee Payroll Overpayment

    From the answer: If the employee paid you back you would need to edit the paycheck to match what the original amount should have been or there is also the option to give the extra pay back to the employee & then make the correction on the next payroll check.

  • How to categorize tax paid on leased office equipment

    From the answer: sales tax paid on any purchase is considered part of the purchase price of the item.... when you buy gas, you don't break down the taxes...they are part of the price per gallon.

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