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  • w2 & w3

    From the answer: Hi sssllc,   QuickBooks saves the current forms in the program.... You'll want to pull up a report in QuickBooks and download the form W2 for 2017 from the IRS website.

  • Trying to file tas form, but says I've already filed it (efile)

    From the answer: Let's ensure that you're filing for the correct period, Loriat.... When you select a wrong period for filing your tax forms electronically, you'll most likely get errors like this.

  • Error 9645

    From the answer: Thank for bringing this to our attention, hoekma.... There are different reasons why you  encounter the Unrecoverable error.

  • Setting up for Success With QuickBooks Online

    From the answer: Just like anything else, the rent you pay is an expense, the rent you collect is income, I would create an income account called rental income and post it to that   on the P&L income is reduced by expense to get net profit

  • How to add an sequence number to invoices?

    From the answer: You can not get that done in QB

  • Limit User Access

    From the answer: Hi  michellepete ,   The ability to create a role list to a user is unavailable in the Premier version.

  • past due invoice

    From the answer: This can be caused by a damaged data file, Janie2019.... Let's run the Verify/Rebuild Data Utility tool.... Before doing so, let's review if your term is set up properly.

  • Customer Contact Field Data not updating on Invoices

    From the answer: Hello there, reaengineering.... Since you already updated the contact information, we can run the Verify/Rebuild Data to help resolve this.

  • How to change password

    From the answer: Greetings,  Joerile75 .... Nice to see you here in the Community.... I'm here to provide some insight on how to change your password.

  • Inventory label

    From the answer: Thanks for taking the time to post here in the Community, .... I'll help make sure you're able to print a list with the part number and the description.

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