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  • Deduction for retirement plan

    From the answer: Hello Annie3,   I'm here to help you set up OregonSaves in QuickBooks Desktop.... You can create a miscellaneous payroll item for this.

  • W3 Submission

    From the answer: RE: This caused me to only submit my W3 with the three employees.... Do you mean you printed and mailed a W-3 for only three employees, while at the same time mailing all the W-2's with that W-3?

  • How do I change the status of an adjustment payroll that says send

    From the answer: Connect to the payroll service and send them.

  • Old company entries in new company ledger.

    From the answer: It all depends on if you do easy or correct.... Easy is maintain same company file as a backup for tax filings and rename company file and edit FEIN and filing status in newly renamed copy.

  • QuickBooks requires that you Reboot your computer to complete the installation

    From the answer: Hello there, dkinton .... Thanks for letting us know.... I'm here to guide you to the right support and make sure you'll get the best help with the error you're getting.

  • Allow User to Update Quickbooks

    From the answer: Thanks for visiting the Community, avallario.... I'm here to help you update your QuickBooks Desktop.... The user would need to be an admin in order to update QuickBooks Desktop.

  • unable to change credit card for payroll service. One you have on file has expired.

    From the answer: Hello there, @rcajr .... I'm here to help change/update your credit card for payroll service.... To update your billing information, you must be signed in to your Account Maintenance page  using your Intuit user ID and password.

  • State unemployment tax calculated incorrect on the last pay period (after 2019 tax updates)

    From the answer: If you edit the payroll item, is the rate for all 4 quarters this year correct?... Only next year's rate is changed, right?

  • State of Iowa electronic reporting of W-2

    From the answer: Hello RMC83,   In QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, filling of IOWA W-2 form is done manually.... You'll need to get the .TXT form and upload it directly to the state website.

  • How to set up bank feed for brokerage account with one account number but two investments within the account

    From the answer: Thanks for posting here in the Community, scottkathi.... Let me share some insights on how bank feed transactions work in QuickBooks Desktop.

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