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  • 2018 Self-employment tax report questions.

    From the answer: So glad to have you as a part of the Intuit Family,  @kingslodg .... Managing a business is busy enough without the tax filling aspect involved.

  • Categorizing shared rent

    From the answer: Yes the funds he gives you is income 300   then you pay the rent expense of 600 on the P&L the income of 300 reduces the expense amount to a net of 300 that affects the bottom line, ie   income 300 Less rent expense 600   net profit (loss) (300)   th

  • Record sale of International Calling Airtime commission in Quickbooks

    From the answer: Using your example of the monthly roll up pre-paid asset, 5300 You should have a sales income account and a sales discount income account set up and an expense account titled, Cost of Sales (COS) then a journal entry Sales income 5200 Credit Sales in

  • Need to know

    From the answer: quarterly estimated taxes is a full picture of your income and any taxes that have been withheld or paid from other sources.

  • Deducting half of your social security tax

    From the answer: the business does not pay any kind of SS or payroll taxes when you are a sole proprietor   you should download the instructions and forms for the 1040-ES from the IRS web site.

  • A sole proprietor do i pay taxes

    From the answer: duplicate

  • Separate by Year

    From the answer: That's a great question, karl_sangertalent.... I’m here to guide you on how you can separate your taxes by year.

  • How do YOU business owners, track personal tax deductions?

    From the answer: I use Quicken.

  • Error: 105.

    From the answer: Hi there, thepaintsaint.... Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention.... Also, the screenshot you've added helps me identify the bank you're trying to connect.

  • Anyone else having trouble paying Q4 taxes?

    From the answer: Hi there, @desi778 .... Thank you for letting us know what's happening when you pay your Q4 taxes.... I can help you get past the error message to accomplish your goal.

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