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  • Record Repairs/Maintenance on Company Trucks

    From the answer: One way is to use Class Tracking and to assign each truck as a Class - you can even group them all as sub-classes of a parent class.

  • I run Quickbooks Premier 2018, and am trying to assign accounts for a 5th rental property to a Tax-Line item Fm. 8825, but they're all taken by my other 4 properties.

    From the answer: Tax mapping has its shortcomings and is as such overrated.... A CPA would look at your P&L by Class where you should have set up each property as a class and would not even look at tax mapping.

  • Uninstalling 2015 after 2019 Installation

    From the answer: Congratulations on your successful upgrade, Ron.... Yes, you can safely uninstall the 2015 version since you've already converted it into the new 2019 format.

  • manual paycheck

    From the answer: Hi 3268!... I'll be happy to walk you through creating paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.... From the  Employees menu, select Pay Employees .

  • Can I edit classes on weekly timesheets after payroll is run?

    From the answer: Yes, you can edit the time records at any point.... Any "time" you want.

  • Direct Deposit Tax Error and W2 Fix

    From the answer: Greetings, .... I appreciate you for asking the Community about correcting your employee's paycheck and W-2 information.

  • Repay employee for expense

    From the answer: Hey there, bspeed ,   I can help you repay your employee's business-related expenses.... You can create a non-taxable reimbursement item then add assign the correct expense account for the repayment.

  • Receive Payment without Invoice

    From the answer: Sure.... If they have that many invoices that it doesn't match up.... Click on the Customer drop down and then Receive Payment.

  • Previous balance on invoice includes current invoice, can it be only previous balance?

    From the answer: Changing the Balance Total column to show the previous balance only is unavailable, TTI.... You'll want to use the Transactions tab in the Customer Information  window.

  • QuickBooks Automation using QBFC13Lib

    From the answer: Greetings, .... Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community.... I'm here to help get this taken care of so you can apply a Vendor Credit to a bill.

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