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  • What do I do if the occupational codes that I need aren't in QuickBooks Desktop? I need 151134 (Web Developer) and 151141 (Database Administrators) and neither of those is an option.

    From the answer: I ended up quitting and manually entering the codes on the spreadsheet because I kept encountering codes that weren't available.

  • Void or delete an invoice that is linked to a sales order

    From the answer: Thank you for reaching out in the Community, .... It's my pleasure to help provide details about deleting or voiding an invoice that's linked to a sales order.

  • Pay bills credit card

    From the answer: It sounds like you have already paid the bill with the credit card.... If you go into your credit card register you should see it.

  • Payroll Forms

    From the answer: It's my pleasure to help you today, @ RACZ816 .... Thanks for subscribing our QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service.

  • third party invoicing

    From the answer: I'm here to help,  bbportables .... So you can track all sales billed to your customers, you have the option to create invoices and payments in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • when will QB Pro Plus desktop 2020 be available?

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, .... You can now upgrade to QuickBooks Pro 2019.... Let me discuss this further and help you from there.

  • Use of "Help" in Quickbooks

    From the answer: In Quickbooks desktop version, there is a printer icon at the top to the left of where you type the question.

  • Changing employee tax status and adjusting taxable wages and tax

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out the Community,  churchsecretary1 .... You'll have to enter your minister as an employee and vendor in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • i want to set up a employee deduction with a weekly limit of 40 hours

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community, geolea.... When setting up an employee deduction, we can indicate the annual maximum limit that'll be taken out from their paycheck.

  • open credit card software error

    From the answer: Gi there, THANK.... Let's use the QuickBooks Refresher tool to refresh the processes running in QuickBooks.

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