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  • Splitting Credit Card into multiple expense accounts

    From the answer: This is Not a Bill.... That is your Account Statement.... You did not buy anything from AMEX or VISA and you did not buy everything on that one date.

  • How do I add my mailing address to an invoice?

    From the answer: @Paul2020 , a screenshot to help .

  • Split payments for an invoice.

    From the answer: In QBO, no there is not, two invoices will be needed   In QB desktop, in preferences turn on progress invoiceing, and do a partial invoice from an estimate

  • Quickbooks can't print a report with transactions and receipt

    From the answer: Hi Dmccarthy76,    I may have a solution that will help you.... The reports available in the left toolbar of QuickBooks will report list and transaction data only; but in QuickBooks Online , you can print a list of attachments that shows a thumbnail of t

  • My Quickbooks (desktop) bank accounts are not showing correct balances

    From the answer: Thank you for your response, i am so dumb when it comes to quickbooks.... What do it mean to reconcile?... Does this mean to print out my bank statement and assure my transactions match up one by one from the beginning to end??????

  • Setting up multiple payment terms in an invoice.

    From the answer: Hello Megan-Payorcrm,   The only way you could do something like that would be to break each amount into it's own invoice.

  • Purchase orders and sales orders

    From the answer: @Lorett   Sales Orders - tells me you are using desktop, assuming that to be true When you close the books, set a password to prevent edits, there is a check mark box to allow edits for non posting transactions, PO's, SO's, Estimates.

  • Question: How to link a vendor bill with an invoice without billing it to the customer?

    From the answer: Menu Edit>preferences>time & expenses> Company preferences Tab check the mark all expenses as billable   Then when you pay a bill, there will a block for customer name and a check mark box for billable.

  • Remove Partial Payment on Invoice and show only the balance owed

    From the answer: Hello Humdefense,   I'm thinking that you have your invoice showing the account balance in it.... Let me show you where you can change that.

  • about adding multiple company in a single account

    From the answer: If you mean can you have more than one subscription to QBO with one login, yes     Go to

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