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  • Managing donated funds

    Our Youth Ministry has a budget of $5,000.  A church member donated $4,000 additional dollars to the Youth...

  • QuickBooks 2020 Beta testing opportunity

    Beta Opportunities We currently have opportunities for QuickBooks Enterprise in both the US and Canada  ...

  • Item Number

    When generating a Customer Detail sales Report I check "item" for one of the columns. The column that shows...

  • Foreign currency journal to Profit and Loss

    Hi - I'm struggling and can't find the exact answer online.   My set up:  - Home/reporting currency is CAD...

  • Quickbooks Desktop for Mac constantly restarting/crashing

    I am running Quickbooks version 4.0.7-217 on two Mac's and have been experiencing some very frustrating...

  • Where are the deposits ?

    I use the bank feeds to upload all bank account information at the end of the month instead of manually...

  • Inventory adjustments

    When I adjust inventory to compensate for an inaccuracy, which account should the adjustment post to?

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