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  • Trip display in automatic mileage tracking

    From the article: Where are my trips?... Keep in mind that trips can take around 10 minutes to process.... If trip tracking is turned on and you've been waiting a while, tap Contact Support from the Settings menu.

  • Mobile app Troubleshooting steps for mobile-only regions

    From the article: Sign up by downloading the mobile app (iOS through the App Store, Android through Google Play).... Once you create a login you will start your 30-day trial, and you also receive a discount offer to sign up.

  • Receipts and QuickBooks Self-Employed

    From the article: Should you keep receipts?... Yes.... CRA requires you have receipts for your business expenses.... Good news though, you don't need to store a shoebox full of paper receipts.

  • Invoicing in the Mobile app

    From the article: Use our new invoicing feature to send unlimited clean, professional-style invoices from anywhere.... iOS: Tap Invoices at the bottom of the screen.

  • Canceling your mobile subscription

    From the article: If our product isn’t quite right for your needs, let us know what we could've done to make it work better for you.

  • Email Reports

    From the article: With QuickBooks Self Employed you can email reports to yourself in order to understand and better run your business.

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed App Overview

    From the article: Welcome to QuickBooks Self-Employed!... This is the fast, easy way for self-employed individuals to track business income and spending all year long.

  • Let your clients pay you online

    From the article: If you'd like to check another item off your to-do list, you can apply to seamlessly receive payments online.

  • Downloading Transaction Log from the mobile app

    From the article: QuickBooks Self-Employed Mobile app now allows users to email a CSV report of their transaction information to themselves.

  • Bank Error 185

    From the article: Error 185 usually means that your financial institution requires more information than we can store.... This error is common with certain Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) account types, which means that there's an additional security requirement beyond

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