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  • Adding manual trips not working

    From the answer: Hi Brian2k7,   I appreciate how you explained everything in details.... However, you've already done everything that I can advise you to do here like clearing the cache and switching to other browsers.

  • Etsy QuickBooks Self Employed will not import information

    From the answer: Hi Annette1,   Thanks for being a part of the QuickBooks family!... QuickBooks Self-Employed is great for the on-the-go work of those who work for themselves.

  • Closing a suspended Quickbooks Account

    From the answer: Hi houghj3,   I want to make sure you don't receive further unwanted charges and can explain in more detail what's going on.

  • Does anyone know how to find last year's invoice? im trying to see how much I invoiced one particular client.

    From the answer: Hi EE13,   Welcome to the QuickBooks community!... It's great to hear that you're using QuickBooks Self-Employed to manage your business finances.

  • can I add expense category to self-employed

    From the answer: You can not   QBSE is extremely limited and you can not add any kind of account to the software

  • How to Customize Invoices in QuickBooks Online

    From the answer: Hi zringasi,   Congrats on starting a part-time business as an Uber driver!... That's a great way to make extra part-time income.

  • Problem with importing CSV

    From the answer: Hi there,    QuickBooks Online allows you to import CSV files so you can manually upload your bank transactions quickly and easily.

  • How do I add RT0001 after my business number for printing on my invoices?

    From the answer: Good day, Lisa Milligan,   QuickBooks Self-Employed only lets you enter the 9-digit business number.... You can add the extension number on the message section of the invoice.

  • Cant Import csv files

    From the answer: Hi there, raviecharles .... We currently have an ongoing issue about unable to import CSV files into QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).

  • Chart of Accounts

    From the answer: Hello JK007,   Thanks for reaching out.... I see you've tagged QuickBooks Self-Employed as the product you're using for this post, but it sounds like you're using QuickBooks Online.

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