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  • Quickbooks iOS says my Quickbooks self employed account cant be linked to mobile?

    From the answer: It sounds like you've downloaded the QuickBooks Online app instead of the QuickBooks Self-Employed app.

  • Quickbooks self employed will not download my .csv Vancity credit card report

    From the answer: Let's check if a full cache is causing this behavior,  hlauprecht.... A cache stores your browsing data, so a web page reloads faster when you revisit it.

  • Why does it say:

    From the answer: Hello,   Thanks for being a member of the QuickBooks family.... With QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can manage your finances on the go using a convenient phone app.

  • To calculate milage: how do I enter year start and year end odometer readings? Self-Employed online

    From the answer: Hello,   Thanks for reaching out again.... With QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can keep track of your vehicle information so you'll have it ready when it comes to annual tax time.

  • Completely new to Quickbooks - self-employed

    From the answer: OK, I'm feeling my way around.... I found the place to enter expenses manually under 'Transactions'.... Looks like I'll enter them in Excel for convenience and then import them.

  • Self employed, cannot enter a business expense transaction on mobile device

    From the answer: Hello Ryan,   Thank you for choosing QuickBooks Self-Employed as your partner in success.... The mobile app lets you record your transactions and manage your business on the go.

  • Transactions won't import from bank

    From the answer: Greetings, selfemployed2019.... Welcome to the Intuit Community.... I can help move past the issue, so you can sort and import transactions.

  • How do I connect my credit card if it is not in the options?

    From the answer: Hi there,   You've reached the right place for help.... I'd happy to assist with your bank feed.... Since your bank isn't an option in QuickBooks yet, I encourage you to reach out to your Financial Institution to find out more info about integrating your ban

  • How to link QB self-employed desk top and app

    From the answer: Thank you so much William Jr!

  • categories

    From the answer: Hi nl322,   Being able to categorize your transactions is an important part of managing your books.... Sub-categories could certainly be a useful tool, but is not currently an available feature in QuickBooks Self-Employed.

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