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  • Employee sales summary

    From the answer: Hi there,    Reports are easily accessible in QuickBooks Desktop, and conveniently show you snapshots of your business health.

  • Want to add PST into Sales Tax accounts

    From the answer: Thank you again for all your help.

  • Using Items for expenses

    From the answer: Classes are not Accounts nor are they linked to Accounts in your COA or Items in your Item List.... Items are linked to Accounts in your COA.

  • I can't download transactions from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

     I recently moved from US to Canada.  This is my first download attempt. QB doesn't recognize the bank....

  • Vendor credit

    From the answer: Thank for the answer.... The credits in question were before my time in this position.... The previous person did not enter them.

  • HST opening balance affecting tax return

    From the answer: Hi lilmiddle,   Thanks for joining the QuickBooks Desktop family!... It's great to have you with us and I hope Desktop meets all of your business needs.

  • Saving PO says "Transaction is in a closed period" When it Isn't

    From the answer: Hello acalia,   Thanks for all the details you've included here.... It's certainly a strange situation that only two users are seeing this warning on their PCs while being fine on others.

  • Inventory

    From the answer: Hi Chackel,    Congrats on purchasing new batteries for your machine.... I'll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

  • Recent update in mid-June.

    From the answer: Hi  samhamcga ,    I've researched and looked in to this further for related issues and investigation, but there aren't any.

  • can qb desktop work with Zoho crm

    From the answer: Hi there,   We're happy to have you as a QuickBooks user.... I'll be glad to assist you with integrating Zoho and QuickBooks.

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