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  • Backups

    From the answer: Thanks for giving QuickBooks the opportunity to serve your accounting needs,  .... I some information to provide about creating a backup copy for your QuickBooks Online file.

  • A/R entries not cleared because of fees and GST taken off payment/dep

    From the answer: Would an option be to receive payment against the invoice (there would be a balance left owing) and follow this up with a JE that debits fees (gst purchase) and credits a/r?

  • Projects

    From the answer: Hi KWest,    Using the Projects feature is a great way to keep track of your income and expenses for various jobs.

  • Is there an Online equivalent to Opem Window in the Desktop version?

    From the answer: Hi there,    Since you're also familiar with QuickBooks Desktop, it sounds like you're a loyal QuickBooks customer!

  • Account head for payment to vendors outside Canada

    I have a translation company which pays vendors outside Canada on regular basis. While adding their bill,...

  • Setup payrol direct deposit

    From the answer: I hear you.... I want to make sure you're getting the proper advice on the next steps.... Sometimes, your payroll direct deposit set-up can be placed on pause depending on whether there's been any errors in the initial set-up, or if our payroll risk team nee

  • Sales tax on meals and entertainment

    From the answer: Hi glcpa,   I'm glad to hear you found the article explaining how to set up a sales tax rate for meals and entertainment .

  • prepaid expense card, discounted

    From the answer: on the payment line one, prepaid expense, 500 other income, -20   the payment nets to 480

  • How to Use Features and Functions in QuickBooks Online

    From the answer: Hello,    This is a really great feature that allows you to communicate more efficiently with your colleagues.

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