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  • Quickbooks Desktop crashing when I try to delete draft paycheque

    From the answer: Hi Shannon637,   I can imagine how time-consuming it is to go through what you're experiencing with the program.

  • How to adjust item on paystub? QBDT Pro

    From the answer: Hello claudiarstead,   You can create an Addition payroll item for the vehicle expense.... This way, the payroll item will be posted under Adjustments to Net Pay .

  • Updating Group Item pricing.

    From the answer: Welcome, Ivor_Williams.... Updating group pricing requires you to edit the price of each item manually.... Here's how: Click on the List menu.

  • How do I delete older versions of quick books on my computer

    From the answer: Hello there, .... You can uninstall the older versions for QuickBooks to delete them on your computer.... I'm here to help guide you how.

  • If Box 52 or 52 is not showing for tax tracking how do i fix this? i need it for t4 reporting

    From the answer: Happy Monday, glenile!... Don't worry, I can explain how QuickBooks Desktop handles the Box 52 information so you can include it on your employee's T4s.

  • I recently upgraded from quick books pro desktop 2018 to 2019. I have two company files but it only updated one file. How do I update the second company?

    From the answer: Hi mary53,   It's awesome to hear that you've upgraded to QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019!... I hope you'll take advantage to all of 2019's new features that can help you with running your business.

  • import and exporting the Invoice transanctions

    From the answer: Hi Srinivas2019,   Good job on going as far as importing some of the transactions in QuickBooks.... I'll be happy to assist you with making sure you're able to import all your transactions without any issues.

  • Can my payroll update be fixed?

    From the answer: Welcome back!... It's great to see you again and, as always, I'll do what I can to help you out.... It's important to keep on top of payroll tax table updates in order to make sure you have the correct calculations for your employees and taxes.

  • Sales Tax Total for Different Sales Tax Codes

    From the answer: Hi mmobeen,   It's cool to hear that you're joining us all the way from Pakistan!... I appreciate you clarifying which product you're using and what information you're wanting to see in your sales tax report.

  • Where is the reference to unused credit stored in Quickbooks?

    From the answer: Hi rg7,   I'm thrilled to have you join us in the QuickBooks Desktop community!... I appreciate the details you've given and it's great you were able to figure out a way to move the funds as you needed using a journal entry.

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