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  • Tracking Employee Emergency Contact info

    From the answer: Hi rkkt,   It's great you want to have emergency contact information for your employees.... It's ideal to keep these things on hand, although we hope to never have to use them.

  • Create report for timesheet entries with no service item

    From the answer: Hi Lukes_mum,   QuickBooks Desktop makes it easy to keep track of billed and unbilled time with the reports that pull from the time tracking feature.

  • If new Client was using Enterprise accountant version 19 and I am using Premier Accountant 2018 version 28, can I use their file or does it have to be saved differently?

    From the answer: No, you cannot use their file.... Enterprise and Premier use totally different databases.... Also, you could not open a 2019 file with a 2018 product.

  • How do i manually put GST amount?

    From the answer: Hi zkwatchandlearn,   Good to hear from you again!... I'll be glad to share info on manually entering the GST amount instead of using a tax code.

  • How do I enter an HST payment on a used vehcile

    From the answer: Hi Xarinn,   Congrats on the new vehicle!... I want to make sure you get expert advice on how to enter the HST portion paid by Visa so that the total amount is an HST credit.

  • How to add payroll subscription to QB Desktop Pro 2019 Canada

    From the answer: Hello,    I'm so excited to hear that you'll be adding Payroll to your QuickBooks account.... It's going to make running your business a breeze.

  • Track billable expenses as income

    From the answer: Thank you!... I found this option and it was unchecked for tracking billable expenses as income.... However the revenue account shows these expenses as a part of our revenue even those the profit & loss statement doesn't.

  • Quickbooks premier 2019 invoiced items are not being recorded as invoiced.

    From the answer: Hi CCI4ASL,   Thanks for letting me know what's going on.... I don't have any reports of what you've described regarding billable items on invoices, but I've got troubleshooting steps you can try.

  • Third Party Purchase Order System

    From the answer: I haven't done it in a very long time, but yes, it is doable.... What are your questions/concerns?

  • Breaking down payroll by department

    From the answer: Your best option to separate payroll into departments is to use the 'Class' feature.... You would create a class for each department and then apply that Class to each person's payroll profile in the 'Payroll Info' tab.

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