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  • QB server manager questions

    From the answer: Hi ,   Quickbooks Database Server Manager can run 24 hrs depends on the server if it's kept opened.... As for the file that one of the user saved on the server where you had the problem on opening, we have to make sure that the company file was saved on

  • QB database manager on server

    From the answer: Hello again,   I really appreciate the amount of detail you've shared here as it'll help me with tackling this issue.

  • I just updated to Quickbooks Pro 2020 Canada and it freezes when I try to back it up, when bank transactions are imported and more.

    From the answer: Hi  accounting , You can use the QuickBooks Refresher tool to diagnose and resolve the problems that occurs throughout the QuickBooks software installation procedure.

  • Sales tax

    From the answer: Hi, .... Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... Let me share some insights about sales tax report in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • EU sales tax

    From the answer: Hi there, Anne.... Thanks for sharing the screenshot.... It's possible that the adjustments you've made are grouped under the "Other" line in your report.

  • Receiver General Receivable has a negative amount on the A/R Aging report

    From the answer: Hello PaulBGeo,   An overpayment or unapplied credit will cause a negative amount on your A/R Aging report.

  • Changing (default) Name of Generated pdf Receipt to be Emailed

    From the answer: Hello yybenedb,   Thanks for getting in touch here in the community!... We love having non-profits and charities that can make use of the program.

  • General Holiday Pay + Vacation Pay Construction Employees

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, elva.... When setting up vacation pay, QuickBooks Desktop uses the information entered in the Payroll Info tab to automatically accrue amounts when creating pay cheques for employees.

  • Importing Transactions

    From the answer: Hello, ,   I'm happy to share some insights on how to transfer transactions from one company file to another.

  • sending emails to vendors when paying invoices directly

    From the answer: Hi Joanne,   Thanks for the details about what you're currently doing with the program to make sure your vendors receive the bill payment stubs.

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