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  • How to update database server manager.

    From the answer: Yes, you'd need to backup the company file and scan for errors first.... You'd also need to reboot the windows server after you've finished updating.

  • Stop auto generated closing entry

    From the answer: Hi, PH  Reason for this is once you set your financial year ( Reporting period ) Profit/Loss earned for the period is transferred to the Retained Earnings in the Balance sheet means Profit/Loss retained for the period belongs to the equity holders an

  • Quickbooks desktop 2017 freezes when I open it very often. How can I prevent this?

    From the answer: We can repair your company file, heckler.... Your company file may be damaged that causes it to freeze.... You can run a repair for QuickBooks Desktop to fix this.

  • Vendor credit

    From the answer: When you returned something, you should have used enter bills, set it to a credit top left, and either used the expense tab or the item tab depending on what was returned.

  • How to adjust Past Due Invoices to include finance charges or service charges or interest charges using Quickbooks Desktop Premier?

    From the answer: Hi CLM1,   Great question!... From what you've described, the feature is working as it should and it'll create a new invoice for those charges.

  • Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2015 CANADIAN edition

    From the answer: Hello,   Thanks for reaching out and it's great to see you've been with us since QuickBooks Pro 2015.

  • Printing cheques

    From the answer: Hi Canard,   It could be that your printing file (QB print) is damaged.... This is one of the reasons why you have missing information when printing your transactions.

  • I'm wondering if there's any type of backup service for Quickbooks online, whether it be built in or through a third party service.

    From the answer: QBO backs up daily or more often but is not user accessible.... It only is restored if someone at the Amazon server pushes a button because someone compromised everyone's data.

  • Finding previous bank reconciliations in desktop premier

    From the answer: Hi there,    It's essential that you know when the previous administrator reconciled your account for your internal audit.

  • Is there a way to have payroll show on Bank account as the total?

    From the answer: Hi jmkentel,   Great job with the process you're using at this point of checking off the individual transactions and verifying they equal the total sum from your bank statement.

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