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  • Revaluation of balance sheet item in foreign currency using closing rate?

    From the answer: Hi, In order to revalue or make changes to the currency, you may refer to the steps below; - click on the gear icon - click on the currency centre - select the currency > hover on the currency where you see a drop down arrow > you may click on the cu

  • how do I lock the month so that noone will post in that month. It is not our year end.

    From the answer: Hi Edwards, Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.... In the Preferences window, click Accounting in the list on the left.

  • Is Quickbooks Online down right now?

    From the answer: Same here...  Looks like Intuit decided to crash / upgrade during business hours.... Here in the US it is 10:00 , since before 8am it has been down....

  • Products / Services

    From the answer: o change which account a  Product/Service  item is associated with on the  Chart of Accounts : Choose  Customers  and then  Products and Services List.

  • HOW to verify principal officer info

    From the answer: Hello apsky,   The principal officer is the main contact person when setting up the bank account for electronic payments.

  • What do all the "0% Purchases" options in the GST/HST drop down menu mean?

    From the answer: This is just about getting to know the GST rules - which must have changed since i have no idea what "Out of Scope" is.

  • Reconciling excluded transactions for one manual transaction

    From the answer: Hi  kiernanelectric , Let me help point out what caused the issue and reconcile your account.... Factor that has caused your reconciliation to land in two different months is because you've created a bi-weekly and weekly payroll payment.

  • Is there a way to edit a employees name on their T4?

    From the answer: Hi there,   I'm glad you've reached out to the Community.... It's important that you're able to correct your employee's name.

  • Reconciled bank statement is missing a number of months and opening balance is off by 12,000.00

    From the answer: Hi there,  kim.leblanc .... It's possible there are deleted/edited reconciled transactions causing QuickBooks Online opening balance doesn't match with your bank statement.

  • How to delete an account in COA?

    From the answer: Hello, tigerwumay, You can delete an account in Chart of Accounts by following these steps below: Click the Gear icon.

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