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  • Reversing an EFT

    From the answer: A bank rec should not have that eft marked off, since it should not have been on the bank statement - it was not a complete transaction   make a deposit in that amount and use a clearing expense account as the source account for the deposit then send

  • Backup to a network share

    From the answer: Hi Andre416,   I'm glad to hear you regularly save a backup of your file and using the scheduled feature is a great idea.

  • Data file on cloud storage

    From the answer: No you can not do that in desktop   google for a hosting company in Canada   You can make a back up locally, copy it to a google drive folder, and from somewhere else download the back up, restore from it and work in QB.

  • Can Invoice pricing?

    From the answer: Set the rate for your services on the item screen as the rate the general public would be charged   then in menu lists>price level list create a price level list, name it, and adjust the price per item as needed.

  • What is the best way void a cheque for an EFT or a PAD?

    From the answer: There is never a valid reason to enter even as void a check number that is not used, whether the printer or the dog or the shredder ate it - there is no compelling need to keep track so no need to enter same in QuickBooks.

  • WebConnect file is importing purchases as payments and vice versa

    From the answer: Hi there, TaraW.... Thanks for sharing a great amount of details with what's happening when importing your Web Connect file.

  • This is for an Automotive Repair shop, I was wondering if/how to create a list of customer's vehicles?

    From the answer: Greetings, timetowaste247.... Welcome aboard to the QuickBooks Community.... I can help and guide you on how to create a list of your customer’s vehicles.

  • When creating an invoice, I would like QB to autofill based on Description, not Item Name. Is it possible to change the search filter?

    From the answer: Hi,  Mint11 .... One of my colleagues already responded to your question, please check this link below....

  • Script to re-open Web Connector and Schedule a Task Using Terminal Window

    From the answer: Hi there, cloud2049.... QuickBooks Desktop can be installed or access through a terminal server.... Though, I'd suggest reaching out to our Technical Support Team to check if there's a way to have the QuickBooks Web Connecter run on the terminal.

  • My new Quickbooks 2019 won't install on my Windows 10 partition. (I have a Mac with Parallels Desktop).

    From the answer: Hello Jcrammond, QuickBooks 2019 is compatible with all editions of Windows 10.... You can Download and run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix any installation issues.

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