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  • Payee Name on Cheques

    From the answer: We appreciate you taking a look at the article, Lisa.... It's also good to hear that you've been in touch with our phone support team.

  • Export report to Excel on new computer

    From the answer: Hey there Rochelley,   Using a new computer is exciting, but it's important to have everything in working order, too.

  • Am I Ready to Send an Invoice in QuickBooks Online?

    From the answer: Hi Snowback,   Your examples are great and I appreciate seeing them laid out as they are.... There may be a bit more of an accounting edge to this, so I'd love if some of our accountant users could step in to lend a hand with answering this one, but here

  • How do I print a bill payment stub for a bill that has been paid in full with a credit memo?

    From the answer: Hi there,    Welcome to the Community.... I want to make sure I'm on the same page as you.... Could you walk me through step by step on how you applied the bill payment using a credit memo?

  • Repair corrupted file

    From the answer: Hello, saifudin.... You can run the file doctor tool to diagnose the causes and to help you repair your corrupted QuickBooks file.

  • How to view account balances in foreign currency and not in home currency

    From the answer: Hi there,   Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... At this time, QuickBooks Online will only show you the home currency on your reports.

  • How to correctly enter and bill Credit Card charges against a customer

    From the answer: Hello jtnj,   From what you've described, it looks like you're trying to do some job costing for your customer.

  • Income Tracker

    From the answer: Hi Shannon,   Welcome to the QuickBooks community!... I hope you're enjoying your version of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • CPP Short on Part Time Employees

    From the answer: Hi evanscom,   Making sure your employees have the correct amounts for CPP deductions is an essential part of payroll.

  • I can't download updates, I get error #12007

    From the answer: Hello philorr86,   Thanks for being a member of the QuickBooks Desktop family.... Keeping your software up to date is important for your business.

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