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  • When creating an invoice, I would like QB to autofill based on Description, not Item Name. Is it possible to change the search filter?

    From the answer: Hi,  Mint11 .... One of my colleagues already responded to your question, please check this link below....

  • How to I fix the YTD amount in the a carry over payroll advance to show zero and not affect the GL account? The GL is correct however the ytd amount shows a negarive.

    From the answer: If you don’t clear the loan in the same year in which it began and it carries over to the next year, then there will be a -YTD amount because it represents only the transactions that have occurred in the current year.

  • Export report to Excel on new computer

    From the answer: Hey there Rochelley,   Using a new computer is exciting, but it's important to have everything in working order, too.

  • Am I Ready to Send an Invoice in QuickBooks Online?

    From the answer: Hi Snowback,   Your examples are great and I appreciate seeing them laid out as they are.... There may be a bit more of an accounting edge to this, so I'd love if some of our accountant users could step in to lend a hand with answering this one, but here

  • How do I print a bill payment stub for a bill that has been paid in full with a credit memo?

    From the answer: Hi there,    Welcome to the Community.... I want to make sure I'm on the same page as you.... Could you walk me through step by step on how you applied the bill payment using a credit memo?

  • How to get detail on a WorkSafe liability payment

    From the answer: Hi jmkentel,   It's great to hear that you've got an accountant on your side to help with managing your books and that he or she was able to set up this payroll liability item for you.

  • Advances to subcontractor

    From the answer: I use the Write Cheques function>Payable to: the subcontractor.... Enter 'Mid-month Advance in the Memo field.

  • Entering a car lease in Quick books

    From the answer: wrote: First, I feel it is very frustrating that nowhere on the internet explains how to enter a car lease in Quick book ...and I mean a step by step instruction.

  • Going from SAGE50 to Quickbooks

    From the answer: Hi SamyBoyz,   Thanks for your interest in QuickBooks!... We'd love to have you as a part of our family.... Converting from Sage to QuickBooks Desktop is possible through exporting your data out of Sage and importing it into QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Payee Name on Cheques

    From the answer: We appreciate you taking a look at the article, Lisa.... It's also good to hear that you've been in touch with our phone support team.

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