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  • Group retirement savings plan

    From the answer: Hi Nancyvv,   It's great to hear that you're starting a retirement savings plan for your employees and I appreciate the details you've given me.

  • Changing Columns on receive Bills page?

    From the answer: Hi Overtime01,   I appreciate the screenshot and it's cool to hear that you're using QuickBooks Desktop to keep track of your clothing apparel merchandise.

  • How do I a post a credit memo received from a vendor (instead of a cheque payment) and post it to an invoice for a customer (Vendor turned customer to post invoice)

    From the answer: Hi sandi-radius,   That's a great question.... I can see why you'd want to be able to apply credits from one area to the other for simplicity, but QuickBooks keeps these kinds of transactions strictly separate.

  • I have a few vehicles missing from the Fixed Asset Item list despite the fact that they are all entered under the fixed assets "vehicles" account.What could be the cause?

    From the answer: In Desktop the 'fixed asset item list' is a bit of an odd thing.... I beleive it is part of the 'Fixed Asset Manager' which is a function not included in QB Pro - but you still have the item list.

  • The Sensitive Data Protection Setup window is forcing me to create a password. Why?

    From the answer: That's the point of the feature.... Intuit has stated it is their legal responsibility to save you from yourself, to force you to use a strong password when your file contains sensitive information.

  • Delivery note within departments

    From the answer: Hello!   Keeping a business running smoothly depends a lot on communication, so I can see how having the ability to leave notes for other departments would be useful.

  • Employer Health Tax

    From the answer: Hi again, glenile,   You suspect correctly about needing to set it up manually.... QuickBooks Desktop helps make things easy by having preset payroll items that apply to all of Canada, such as CPP and EI, but when it comes to more specific ones such as t

  • How to change the invoice due date after it was recorded?

    From the answer: Hi tifto,   Don't worry, I can help you with your due dates on your invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.... It's an easy fix as it's just a matter of reopening the invoice and adding  Terms  to it.

  • How do I change the date on a Budget?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'm here to help share some insights about creating budgets in QuickBooks.... You can create a budget using the previous year's data.

  • Currency List Corrupted Today

    From the answer: Hi there purchasing,   Thanks for reaching out and letting me know you're running into this issue.... Other users have been reporting the same thing and we're hard at work tracking down what's happening so you all can get back to using multi-currency wit

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