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    From the answer: Hi nl322,   Being able to categorize your transactions is an important part of managing your books.... Sub-categories could certainly be a useful tool, but is not currently an available feature in QuickBooks Self-Employed.

  • As i am marking my invoices as paid, it is not showing up as business income? Anybody know how to fix this?

    From the answer: Hello mark67,   I know having accurate income numbers in QuickBooks is an essential part of managing your business and marking your invoices as paid should update the figures as needed.

  • Self employed version - invoice description field

    From the answer: Hi there, SL72.... For now, we're unable to change the invoice's layout in QuickBooks Self-Employed.... You might want to use the Message section to provide the description of the services that you're selling.

  • my quickbooks fee doubled last month ?

    From the answer: Hi Janet,   Thanks for contacting us through the Community.... I'd be happy to assist with figuring out why the pricing increased.

  • Separating out the tip from restaurant receipts??

    From the answer: I can help you record the restaurant receipt and tip, tealscuisine.... You can use the Meals and entertainment to record it.

  • Adding invoices doesn't add to income

    From the answer: Hi Melanie,   Thanks for posting in the Community.... I'll be glad to assist you from here.... Are you accessing your Self-Employed account using the mobile app or through the browser?

  • Cant Import csv files

    From the answer: Hi there, raviecharles .... We currently have an ongoing issue about unable to import CSV files into QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).

  • How do I track GST paid on expenses

    From the answer: Hello Stukath78,   Tracking sales tax in QuickBooks Self-Employed is as simple as setting it up and hitting  Apply  on your expense transactions.

  • Quebec QST

    From the answer: Hello Jacques_of_all_trades (clever username!),... This is a great question and I can help explain what's going on.

  • Can't import Google Maps Mileage

    From the answer: Hello there,  saadsiddique.... Let's try to import it using a private browser.... You can follow these shortcuts to open private browser: Google Chrome, press  CTRL  + Shift + N Mozilla Firefox: press  CTRL  + Shift + P Internet Explorer: press  CTRL  + Shif

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