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  • Bit software - integration with QBO

    I'm looking for other accountants who have clients that integrate Bit Dealer software with QBO.  My client...

  • What is the best way to track projects in QuickBooks Mfg. & Wholesale?

    From the answer: hi @ Wendy K , You should consider using the CLASS feature.... Otherwise, you have to explore any add-on of project management app.

  • Best way to enter an expense paid with owner's personal cash?

    From the answer: Good day, !... Recording the expense paid with the owner's personal cash can be entered to all the functionalities you've mentioned.

  • Invoicing/profit and loss

    From the answer: put your fee items in a bundle and set it to not print all items, all items always show on screen in QB

  • New QBO Automatic Sales Tax is calculating city tax when it shouldn't.

    From the answer: Looks like QBO determines Sales Tax agencies by zip code not boundaries.... Work around was to change the ship to zip code to one in the same county but outside the city limits.

  • Taxable customer report

    I collect sales tax in two different states, Indiana and Michigan.  When I check the taxable customer...

  • Condensing Data

    From the answer: Condensing data condenses the transactions, not the names.... Despite having made vendors and customers inactive over time you never removed their activity from your books

  • View my paycheck - POOR SUPPORT

    Yesterday I received a call from an employee that they were not able to set up their view my paycheck...

  • Test

  • Service Items vs Fabrication items

    From the answer: Whether something is taxable or not is determined by your state, not all states are the same, check with yours.

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