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  • American Express Import

    From the answer: Thank you for posting here in the Community, .... You can exclude and upload your transactions again to map them correctly.

  • Insurance EOB receipt Posting

    From the answer: use receive payments against that invoice and enter the actual amount paid the balance due will remain

  • how do i set up a master administrator for quickbooks plus online client?

    From the answer: Ask no more, .... To clarify, are you a QuickBooks Online for Accountants user (QBOA) that has created a new QBO company for a client?

  • Missing reoccuring transactions

    From the answer: It could be that the incorrect type of recurring transaction was selected, rachel7.... There are three types of recurring transaction, and only the  Scheduled type will process automatically.

  • C corp and personal loan

    From the answer: This would not be equity.... A C-Corp has stock and additional paid in capital.... These remain the same unless additional stock is sold or additional paid in capital contribution is made.

  • Account updates

    From the answer: The reasons why the account is not updating depend on the account you're referring to, Cyborg.... If your're referring to the account in the Banking page, you can check out these possible reasons: Your bank's website has an ongoing maintenance.

  • Employee pay roll

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Let me help you get past the error you're encountering so you can run payroll for your employee successfully.

  • Bookkeeping for Solicitors

    From the answer: Have you had a look at Projects or tracking by Class/Location?... Im not an expert on these byt this is where I would look first.

  • Set up categories in Products and Services

    From the answer: Hello cberry,   Thank you for posting here in the Community.... I'd be glad to assist you with any question you may have about custom templates.

  • I have several companies in QB with the same owner. One of the companies has a credit card balance of $5,400; posted as an A/P in QB. My mgr told me to make a cc pmt using a check from a different company. How do I post the GJ entry on A/P acct?

    From the answer: Hi chart4100,   You can do journal entries to transfer and do adjustments on both companies.... However, we can't suggest for the accounts to be used.

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