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  • Chart of Accounts/Vendors

    From the answer: Hi smash130,   Instead of creating accounts for each department, you might want to consider using the Class tracking feature instead.

  • Customer statement

    From the answer: Hi there, laurietilelli .... I'm glad you've reached out to the QuickBooks Community.... Let me help share some insights about the customer statement in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • I have a client and I am an accountant. How do I send the accountants QB file back to them?

    From the answer: Thank you for posting,  smdavisbba .... Let me help you send the updated copy back to your clients.... After updating your copy, you can create an export file to give it to your client.

  • Dates of changes to customer's account.

    From the answer: Thanks for checking in with us,  GLarson1 .... I can help you create a report that shows the customer's rate increased via QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Emailed Invoices Aren't Displayed When Link is Clicked On

    From the answer: Hello there, ,   Thanks for the screenshot.... We have an ongoing issue about unable to view invoice details when opening E-invoices for payment.

  • Payroll program usage teminated July 2018 received notice of charge for renewal this month. Need to reverse charge to credit card $650.00.

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thanks for sharing your concern with us today.... Let me get you in touch with someone from the right support team.

  • I am unable to backup- "QuickBooks couldn't open your company file. error code -6143, -301

    From the answer: I'll give you the steps on how to resolve the error, LB1234.... Before we begin, it's recommended that  QuickBooks is updated to the latest release .

  • transaction list by date report

    From the answer: Glad to see you here in the Community,  Unitedalum .... I can help to generate Invoices for All Customers report in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How do I enter an investors reimbursements?

    From the answer: Hello cnwchris,   Thank you for posting here in the Community.... I'm here to help you any questions you may have concerning entering an investor's reimbursements in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How to run a report for unused credits for vendors

    From the answer: Good morning, @ Stephanie_Phillips ,     Let's pull up the Transaction List by Vendor and customize the report to see your vendor's unused credits.

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