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  • quicks desktop 2019

    From the answer: Hello there, Mrslynn45.... The data will only sync once you've turned on the Multi-user mode.... To know more about it, I've got handy articles for you: Set up multi-user network Host your company data file in multi-user mode Though in your case, you use Qui

  • exporting to Pro-Series

    Is there a way to export 2015 QB information to 2015 Pro-Series from a QB version of 2017 or due you have...

  • I need a couple custom fields to show on certified payroll report

    From the answer: There isn't a way to modify the report, which is designed to satisfy he requirements of the Federal DOL form.

  • New Company, Copy Chart of Accounts

    From the answer: SOLVED Answer is here:

  • My 2018 bank transactions are not downloading on QB Desktop.

    From the answer: This all depends on your bank.... Most banks only provide 30 - 90 days of history for download.

  • Cannot open company file

    From the answer: hi @ dmathews63  , It might be something wrong with your installation.... Please try to install to other computer and open the sample file.

  • Quickbooks Pro Desktop 2018 constantly wants to reinstall

    From the answer: hi @ garyfan , Once the installation is completed, QuickBooks would run the application automatically to enter your company profile.

  • From where Can I buy Quick Books compatible check?

    From the answer: Hello, Here is a link to the Intuit Marketplace where you can purchase checks and supplies compatible with QuickBooks.

  • Cancelling a users login for QB Desktop 2019 Pro

    From the answer: Let route you to the team who has access to your billing information, Jess!... We have a dedicated team who can manage your subscription to remove the other user's license.

  • How can I change the type of business in Quickbooks?

    From the answer: hi @ sperales , Aside of industry edition, business type is an irrevocable setting.... You have to reinstall QuickBooks and set it up again.

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