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  • Fixing unbalanced classes on Balance Sheet by Class Report

    From the answer: It's good to have you here in the Community, .... I'm happy to know that you're able to fix the unbalanced classes on the Balance Sheet by Class report.

  • how to pay day labor

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'm glad to help you with how you pay your labor day in QuickBooks.... Here's how: Go to the Lists.

  • printing alignment on payroll check

    From the answer: Hi there ,   Glad you asked in our community forum.... Let me guide you to an easy way in reprinting your Paychecks.

  • First time using custome rpay online with an invoice. However after a week, payment still not showing in merchant deposits What am I doing wrong?

    From the answer: Hello, .... Let's check why the payment isn't showing on your merchant deposits.... First, ensure that your customer/s have already paid or processed the payments.

  • How do I enter an past paycheck into the check journal to show up in the register?

    From the answer: Thanks for sharing the complete details of your concern, Suslynd.... There is an option to enter the historical payroll data in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Towing Company

    I have a towing company as a client - They had a vehicle they towed and it accumlated $1000.00 in towing...

  • How do I remove paid unemployment tax

    From the answer: We'll enter it as a prior payment to remove the tax liability, Pharris2.... I'll guide you how: Click Help , then go to About QuickBooks .

  • Template assignment to a user

    From the answer: Hello JMK Auto,   Currently, we cannot filter the users who can and cannot access the said estimate template (aside from the one who doesn't have access to Templates List at all).

  • printed payroll with wrong payroll schedule. Now taxes are wrong for quarter 3

    From the answer: Hi Dniles,   We can modify the paychecks' dates to get your quarterly tax corrected.... Before anything else, please make sure to back up your company file.

  • auto draft checking or savings accounts from reacuring customers

    From the answer: Hello DT03,   I can see how helpful it would be to have this option added for the Bank Accounts.... However, setting up auto recurring is only available in Credit Card.

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