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  • Finanancial reports

    From the answer: It should say 1/1/2019-3/31/2019

  • Reconciliation discrepancy - Non-profit

    From the answer: Hello,  LSE.... Yes.... It’d be best to go over each month to locate the transaction that is causing the issue.

  • tax forms

    From the answer: I don't think the new form is ready yet.... The fed forms used to be available in Jan, but not so much anymore.

  • converted quicken 2016 to quickbooks 2019 bank acct are labeled acct payable

    From the answer: Hello todd5,   Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... Converting company file from Quicken to QuickBooks 2019 has a lot of steps to do.

  • Entering a Sales Receipt doesn't Remove Item from Inventory?

    EDIT: Turns out, I didn't run a report correctly, just can't delete the post.   In doing a spot check...

  • Undeposited Funds

    From the answer: Those are customer payments that have been recorded.... You can delete them, but that's likely only appropriate if you didn't receive the money.

  • Customer Deposits on Sales Orders

    From the answer: Yes what you have described is one way of handling deposits and its probably the best.... FYI - you can add the deposit deduction onto the sales order so you dont have to remember later.

  • Report for deposited customer payments

    Hi, I am looking for a report which will show me payments made by customers and the related deposit +...

  • QB for Mac 2019

    From the answer: The bank fee you enter might match a bank fee that has been downloaded.... If the fee has been downloaded you may not need to enter it in the "overview" sheet.

  • How to See Memo Field in Find Searches?

    From the answer: The Find function in QuickBooks doesn't search all fields.... However you can use the button in the top right to bring up the older find window (it will flip the find window) and this allows for a more report like search.

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