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  • Vendor payments show as payroll

    From the answer: Thanks for visiting QuickBooks Community, .... If the vendor payment was processed through the Workers tab in QuickBooks Online, the transaction should show as a direct deposit.

  • How do I change clients' books from "Temp1" to their company name?

    From the answer: It’s great to see you here today, @gragle.... I appreciate you making sure to fill in your clients’ names under Account and Settings on their accounts.

  • Reinstatement

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thanks for reaching out to the QuickBooks Community.... I'm here to help ensure your QuickBooks Online account will reinstate successfully.

  • Invoices

    From the answer: I can show you how to customize invoices, Chalk Line.... Here are some easy steps: Click on the Gear icon.

  • How do I replace a company in my 5 for $5 subscription.

    From the answer: Hi  ["Ajennyjo"] , At this time, moving a new client subscription in your 5 for $5 subscription isn't possible.

  • My client's bank account has lost its connection to QBO.

    From the answer: Let me help you sort out your client's bank connection so you'll be able to log in,   PatP3005 .... You can use a private browser to check to log in (  Ctrl + Shift + N ).

  • Clients are over their Limits, now figure out which ones

    From the answer: Good morning, .... I have just the tool you're looking for to handle those client's Usage Limits in a much more efficient manner:   Checking Client Usage Details From your QuickBooks Online Accounting Firm, click the  Gear icon (�) and under  Tools , sel

  • Job Costing

    From the answer: Hey there, .... I see that you've posted this twice in the Community.... Another user has shared an answered to your other post.

  • Job Costing

    From the answer: Yes, my construction clients book all construction costs to Customer/Job in the "name" field.... They use Job numbers to make the data entry easier.

  • Hi ,I completed Quickbooks certification & tried to update verify profile with Govt proof but got rejection email.Kindly let us know how to get completed.

    From the answer: Hello there, vivek_nangare, We're unable to validate your identity for publishing in our Find-A-ProAdvisor directory.

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