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  • How to import Custom Invoice Templates into QuickBooks Starter subscription?

    From the answer: Hi  mindartsmv , You need to enable the Import Functionality feature to import your custom invoice template.

  • where is the save button. it has diasppeared from bottom of screen ???

    From the answer: Hi tech,  Let me help you get your QuickBooks to work.... We can open a private browser to check if you're able to see the Save button.

  • report display not correct

    From the answer: Hi there, az Let's review the details of your report so that it'll display the correct information you need.

  • How can we get the specific API for our quickbooks account for integration with 3rd party application?

    From the answer: Hello there,  qbonline.revel... , You can visit our Intuit Developer's website to get the API.... Here's how: Sign in here: .

  • Quickbook se puede conectar con algún banco en Colombia - South américa ?

    From the answer: Me alegra verte aquí hoy,  jardin.jimam... .... Sí, el programa puede conectarse a cualquier banco en Colombia siempre que sea compatible.

  • No puedo ver los reportes

    From the answer: Hola,  lordgalfor ,  Somos conscientes de que faltan los informes estándar de la lista Informes.... Quiero que sepa que nuestros ingenieros de producto están trabajando a tiempo para tener una solución permanente.

  • Hola comunidad, saben por que no me están apareciendo los informes recurrentes ni ningún otro informe

    From the answer: Hola,  paulo.martinez... ,  Me gustaría que supiera que hay una investigación en curso sobre la imposibilidad de ver sus informes recurrentes o cualquier otro informe.

  • how to switch between modules?

    From the answer: Glad to hear from you, Dereje .... You can switch between the Learning Modules and Module Reviews once you complete it at the end of each section.

  • I need to change the account country

    From the answer: I can share a few information about managing your Online account, Yoonnie .... The option to change the account's country is unavailable.

  • can I reset my company from start?

    From the answer: if you are within the first 60 days (90 for non-US accounts) of starting your subscription Log into your QBO account, then look at your home page URL, it ends with /homepage, replace the homepage with purgecompany and hit enter (this deletes everythi

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