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  • Quickbooks Desktop for Mac constantly restarting/crashing

    From the answer: I absolutely get how you feel right now,  pmolick .... We're closely working with our engineers to resolve the issue for you.

  • Company Files not showing up in Open Recent

    From the answer: I'm here to help you find your company file, ,   Before anything else, let's make sure your QuickBooks Mac file is up to date .

  • when trying to connect to my bank i get a general error message

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Allow me to help share some ways to get past this error message and connect your bank account to QuickBooks successfully.

  • partiel credit card refund

    From the answer: Invoice for the fee, apply the credit from receive payments.

  • Condensing Data

    From the answer: Condensing data condenses the transactions, not the names.... Despite having made vendors and customers inactive over time you never removed their activity from your books

  • Custom Summary Report

    From the answer: Hello Taunte521,    The amounts shown in your report will depend from the transactions you've created.

  • Can I transfer data from QB for Mac 19 to QB for PC 18

    From the answer: Hi ,   Yes! you can transfer your Mac data file to the Windows version of QuickBooks.... Let me guide you on how.

  • I use undeposited funds in Quickbooks Mac Desktop. I want a Profit and Loss Statement to show my deposit to my bank. But no income appears

    From the answer: Hi there, .... You’ll still need to record a bank deposit in QuickBooks.... Let me discuss this further and help you from there.

  • Unresolved issue

    From the answer: Hello there, ,    We don't want our customers to have a difficult experience when contacting our Data Services team and take this issue longer.

  • Syncing My Merchant Account with QB 2019 Mac

    From the answer: It's an advantage to have your merchant account sync to your QuickBooks for Mac, MariaR.... In the Merchant Service window, you don't need to create another login.

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